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The Resistance in Life

If you try to push a very heavy object chances are that it will not move. The push resulted in the frictional force between the heavy object and the ground to spring into action. Friction is yet another faceless entity that comes into existence the very moment when it opposes motion. The harder you push… Read More »

Why Newton’s Second Law is So Important?

If we push an object and it starts to move, how fast would it move? If its pushed harder, how much faster does it move? How does the velocity of the object change? Or will the change of velocity with respect to time follow a certain rule? Before Newton nobody really knows what is the… Read More »

The Third Physics Law of Motion and Life

If you punch the wall you will feel the pain as the wall is punching you back in return. The harder you punch the wall the more painful will your hand be. So be gentle with the wall as it brings you only pain if you try to test your strength. If you kiss the… Read More »

The Second Physics Law of Motion and Life

During the olden days it’s known that if you push an object hard enough most likely it will move Yet how fast it will move and what is the force need for it to achieve a certain velocity is still not quantifiable. Until a great physicist came along and demonstrated to the world that actually… Read More »

The First Physics Law of Motion and Life

If an object is moving at a constant velocity the object is supposed to be in that type of motion unless there is an external force acting on it. If an object is stationary it will continue to be so unless there is an external force acting on it. That sums up the first physics… Read More »

Wave Particle Duality in the World Of Quantum Physics

During the great quantum revolution, wave were looked upon as a stream of particles. Electromagnetic waves, during the classical era was elegantly described with four fundamental equations. The great physicist behind these four fundamental equations also found that the electromagnetic waves travel at a fixed velocity, the velocity of light which is three hundred thousand… Read More »

The Strange World of Quantum Physics

If somebody were to tell you that you could disturb the trajectory of the moon just by looking at it would you believe it? If somebody else were to share with you that you could alter the direction of the electron just by looking at it, assuming that you can see it, would you believe… Read More »

Black Holes

Stars, like any living organism, are full of secrets yet to be revealed. Undergoing different stages of their life, stars continue to illuminate the darkest sky of the universe. The fact that stars are illuminating brightly against a backdrop of the vast ocean of terrestrial bodies is actually a testimony of two opposing yet contradictory… Read More »

Gravity and Love

Gravity is akin a faceless entity, invisible yet wields such enormous strength that it can even bend light and curve space time in a manner unheard before. Gravity, thought to be fully understood during the Newtonian era of physics, yielded enough anomalies in its behaviour to the extent that it took Einstein’s Relativity to shed… Read More »

Interstellar Travel, Worm Holes and Black Holes

I watched a thought provoking movie with a remarkable story line that only reinforced the very notion that if you know physics, you seemed to be able to comprehend a little bit more. This is the second movie that I watched which introduced the very fundamental element of life, the idea how gravity could influence… Read More »