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A Weekend Excursion

I was surfing through the internet and I was trying to decide on which place to stay for a friday night in Singapore. As I was expected to finish late and have an early appointment the next day my plan was to find a clean and affordable place to stay. There were many options yet… Read More »

Relaxing Escapade

Taking the midnight flight to Europe would always be my preference as I would arrived there in the morning according to their time zone. Synchronizing the time in such a way allowed me greater flexibility in planning my schedule. If the hotel that you booked could allow earlier check in then it would have been… Read More »

The Beauty of Human Interactions

I remembered a few years ago when I travelled and stayed in Oxford dueing the winterperiod for about nine days, I spent quite a lot of time venturing out to enjoy the beautiful spectacle of the winter days in Oxford and nearby towns. I stayed in a hostel within the campus however since it was… Read More »

The Awesome Train Ride

As I traversed the crooked path, I stopped, paused and turned around. I wanted to capture an eternal image in my mind before I moved on to thenexct destination. Albeit a short time, yet it astounded me in the most unexpected manner. Yet the memories spent there for the last two days, although alone, allowed… Read More »

Unforgettable Hike

When I decided to take a cable car up the mountain, I was hoping that the weather would be kind to me and it would be a bright and sunny day as that would be perfect for photo taking sessions. The bus ride to the destination took about fifteen minutes. It was a pleasant journey.… Read More »

A Leisure Escapade

I arrived at night and jumped into a waiting taxi to my hotel. Hotel was a cosy one and I could find food easily across the street. Food was affordably priced even though it was in Euros so I was taken by surprise. Thiswould bethe third leg of my tour. A little tired yet was… Read More »

The Signature Lake

I jumped into a train that would take me to my next destination. This was not part of the original plan. When I enquired from a friend of mine where should I visit after my first stop in the country, she immediately told me about this little place with a scenic mountainous background that would… Read More »

Completeness in Paradise

I was going through my library full of my photos of Hallstatt and I realized that I could still remember vividly the little details of the trip that made it al so memorable. I could still envisage the feeling when I stood in awe the very minute I stepped onto the soil of Hallstatt. It… Read More »

Rhythm of the Falling Snow

My first thought when I arrived at the airport was to search for my hotel. I knew it was a walking distance near the airport. I couldn’t find it at first and there were very few people to ask. It was cold and humidity was very low. After searching and walking around like a headless… Read More »

Heaven on Earth

When I was planning my trip to Europe, a friend of mine who just came back from a tour over there told me that I should make an effort to stop by this wonderful place that I have never heard of. She told me that it’s worthwhile to make a stop there and I should… Read More »